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tesa Clean Air – clean air in your office

The tesa Clean Air fine particle air filter for laser printers, fax machines and photocopiers ensures that the air in companies, institutions and at home is always clean. The new tesa Clean Air fine particle air filter is made from environmentally-neutral nonwoven materials that are easy to dispose of. Thanks to its three-ply structure and the additional electrostatically-charged microfibers in the middle layer, it is able to trap even fine particles that would normally enter the lungs:

  • Retains up to 94%* of all fine particles
  • Protection against fine particles and toner dust verified by TÜV NORD
  • Permanent retention of the finest particles thanks to patented three-ply filter (micronAir office technology)
  • High level of air permeability guarantees that the printer functions without limitations (verified by TÜV NORD)
  • Easy to attach using innovative Velcro system
  • Easy to dispose of in household waste
  • Can be fully incinerated (non-recyclable)
  • Capacity: up to 70,000 pages or 12 months
  • Available dimensions: size S (10 × 8 cm), size M (14 × 7 cm), size L (14 × 10 cm)
  • Compatible with many different printer models from a range of manufacturers (see for an overview of the printer models)
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