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Professional cleaning for the office, home and when out and about. At AF, you will find convenient, easy-to-use cleaning products that not only clean particularly gently and thoroughly, but are also especially environmentally-friendly, because all the cleaning products are alcohol-free, non-flammable and non-toxic.

Why it is so important to clean your equipment regularly: The mouthpieces of telephones, mobile phones and headsets are home to an average of around 2,000 bacteria and viruses. There are often more bacteria on a computer keyboard than on a toilet seat. And a dirty screen is not only unpleasant to look at; it also causes eye fatigue and can cause wrinkles in the sensitive eye area. That is why it is so important to clean your equipment regularly.
Emtec also offers you a full product range for cleaning PCs and accessories in an efficient and environmentally friendly way.

Cleaning Products AF

  • CCE020K. Cardclene
  • magnetic card reader Cleaning, Head Cleaner 70 ml, 20 cards encoded
  • CDL000. CD / DVD Lensclene
  • Disc to clean the optical lenses of CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW and CD player drives
  • DVD000. DVD Lensclene
  • Disc for cleaning the optical lens of all kinds of DVD drives, DVD players and DVD game consoles
  • FCL300. Foamclene
  • Anti Static Foam Cleaner Aerosol 300 ml
  • LTC010. Laptop Clene
  • 10 wet / dry wipes for TFT, LCD, flat panel displays, monitors and touch Pads
  • SCK000. Case Screen & Keyboard Cleaning Kit
  • Screen, casing and keyboard cleaning kit
  • SCR100T. Screen-Clene
  • Anti-static wipes for screens and screen filters, Dispenser 100 wipes
  • SDU200D. Sprayduster
  • Compressed air cleaner, irrespective of position, aerosol 200 ml
  • STI200. Safetiss
  • Lint-free paper towels, 230 mm x 220 mm, dispenser box with 200 wipes

Also Emtec offers you a complete product series for the efficient and environmentally friendly cleaning of PC’s and accessories. (These products are available only in Switzerland)

  • EKNLINDUO. Dry / wet wipes
    for TFT dry 10 pieces, 10 pieces moist
  • EKNLINTFT. Cleaning wipes
    for LCD, TFT, Plasma TV screens, laptop 100, without alcohol
  • EKNTFTVIL. Vileda cloths + LCD TFT Cleaning Gung Spray
    for TFT, Plasma, LCD screens
  • EKNGAZMAX. Compressed Air Cleaner
    400 g – for keyboards, laptops, PDA’s, CD / DVD devices
  • EKNGAZMIN. Compressed Air Cleaner
    175 g
  • EKNGAZMP. Compressed Air Cleaner
    300 g
  • Wet Wipe. Wet wipes
    in the dispenser. 100 pieces, refillable
  • EKNLINRECH. Wet wipes
    Refill. 100 items
  • EKNLECT. CD / DVD cleaning disc
  • EKNLINCD. CD / DVD Cleaning Cloths
    in the dispenser. Antistatic
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