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Solid State Drive

A solid state drive (SSD), also known as a solid state disc, is a storage medium that can be installed and operated just like a conventional hard drive. It does not contain a rotating disc or other moving parts, as only semiconductor modules with comparably large capacities are used.

The advantages of a solid state drive are its robustness, fast access and low energy consumption. The few disadvantages relate to the capacity and price. When a conventional hard drive is equipped with a solid state (intermediate) storage device or is used for the same function, this is called a hybrid hard drive (HDD).

Application examples:

For high-end PCs
• Files can be booted, loaded and opened quickly
• Easy to install in the existing SATA drive shaft

Customer/industry systems
• Less sensitive to impacts or vibrations
• No noise generation
• Faster access to data

Storage arrays
• Lower electricity consumption and heat generation, therefore less energy needed for cooling
• Drastic reduction in costs compared to conventional hard drives

Harsh environment
• Extreme temperatures can have a negative impact on the lifespan of an HDD
SSDs have no moving parts and are more robust

The capacity of these solid-state drives may subsequently be expanded to up to 1 TB.

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