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Digital linear tape (DLT) is a magnetic storage medium for data backup and archiving digital data. It is a tape storage technology with linear recording. DLT media allow data to be transmitted more quickly than with other technologies (such as QIC). The latest version, S-DLT, is currently one of the three most commonly-used tape technologies.

Super digital linear tape (S-DLT) is a further development of DLT technology. It uses server-supported multi-channel recording and is read-compatible with DLT.


  • DLTtape IV . 20 / 80 GB
  • DLT-S4 . 800 GB / 1,6 TB
  • S-DLT I . 110 / 160 GB
  • S-DLT II . 300 / 600 GB

Matching accessories

  • Cleaning Cartridges
  • Barcodelabel
  • Laser Etching
  • DataTight Storage Cases
  • Data Center Racks & Cabinets
  • Data Media Safes
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