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For the sake of health

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Hygiene in the workplace is particularly important in the healthcare sector. The fight against multi-resistant germs is ubiquitous, especially in hospitals and medical practices. But good industrial hygiene is also necessary in the office in order to counteract the spread of harmful germs. We have products for you on offer with which you can reliably implement hygiene in the workplace, etc.

Air cleaning

Professional air purifiers – the perfect solution for all kind of rooms
to capture 99.97 % at 0.3 Micron airborne pollutants.>>

Auto Hand Sanitizer Station

Touchless hand sanitizer floor stand
Ideal for rooms with high visitor frequency>>


Proven to kill up to 99,999 % of bacteria and viruses
including Norovirus, Coronavirus, Influenza …>>

Face masks

Protect other people and yourself
Disposable and reusable types>>

Antigen rapid test

Clungene-L and Clungene-S
COVID-19 Antigen rapid self-tests>>

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