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Spectra Stack

Spectra Stack - Modern Storage for Today's Data Center

Built with maximum flexibility at its core, the Spectra® Stack tape library will meet your backup, archive, and perpetual storage requirements. Designed to be easily installed, expanded and managed, the Spectra Stack is rated at a 100 % duty cycle – meaning it is one of the only stackable libraries built to perform in a 24/7 environment.
Each module of the Spectra Stack holds 10 to 80 LTO tape slots and 1 to 6 tape drives and is scalable to 7 modules with a maximum of 560 tape slots and 42 tape drives. Users can store more than 6.7 PB (16.7 PB compressed using LTO-8 tapes) of data in a single 19-inch NEMA rack with a fully expanded Spectra Stack library.

The Spectra Stack Tape Library sets a new standard for simple and easy scalability

The Spectra Stack offers superior flexibility on many levels, supporting both full-height and half-height tape drives; multiple generations of LTO tape drives (LTO-5, LTO-6, LTO-7 and LTO-8); and multiple generations of LTO media (LTO-3, LTO-4, LTO-5, LTO-6, LTO-7, LTO-8 and LTO-7 Type M) all in a standard 19-inch data storage rack. Adding an expansion module allows up to 80 additional slots and up to 6 additional drives, easily growing to 7 modules in a single rack. Upgrading is EASY and FAST — expansion units are out-of-the-box and configured in under 30 minutes.

Smooth, reliable operation that's cost effective for any enterprise

Tape is known for its affordability and Spectra Stack utilizes LTO tape media, a high-capacity tape storage technology designed for dependability and cost effectiveness. It’s a powerful, scalable and adaptable tape format that addresses the exponential data growth and storage challenges organizations face today – at the most affordable cost per GB in the industry.
Designed for a full duty-cycle environment, the Spectra Stack is a reliable archive-and backup-ready library. The Spectra Stack library reduces your total cost of storage and provides operational expense reductions through space-efficient designs, intelligent scaling, compression, and reduced management overhead.

Spectra Stack management suite

Easy to use and manage, the library’s management software provides a similar feature set as the rest of the Spectra tape library family, including an intuitive color touchscreen, remote web interface, ability to create partitions (up to 20), built-in diagnostics, media lifecycle management, encryption, and encryption key management. An optional SpectraVision web camera can be mounted on top of the library to provide a visual assessment of all robotics and interior components.

An optional SpectraVision web camera can be mounted on top of the library to provide a visual assessment of all robotics and interior components.

Convenient front panel color touchscreen > view of robotics from optional web cam > remote web interface for computer.

Efficient data migration capabilities

Both Spectra and the Spectra Stack library make any migration plan seamless. Tape is designed for long-term data storage, but too often users are required to sacrifice their existing investment in tape drives when they move to a new tape library. Spectra Stack’s MigrationPassSM eliminates the need to make that costly decision. MigrationPass starts with the unique ability to migrate your existing tape drives and media into the Spectra Stack library. It also includes a program to help you migrate to newer LTO generations as they are released. This unprecedented offering protects user investment while providing a truly open approach to working with a technology designed for multi-generation use.
Maintaining access to existing applications is fairly straightforward when migrating from one tape library to another, but what happens when you need to migrate from the data application itself? How is the metadata transferred? How are competing applications maintained in the same system simultaneously? Spectra’s Professional Services team supports thousands of users with these issues on a regular basis. Let our experts guide you through the process.

Broad Application Support: Share a Stack with multiple applications

Compatibility is essential when deploying new tape technology. The Spectra Stack supports all industry-standard operating systems and major backup applications allowing users the ability run up to 20 applications at the same time with partitioning. Investment protection has a whole new meaning when Spectra Stack is selected, with the ability to integrate existing LTO tape drives into your new library and maintain access to your applications and data.

Object Storage with Spectra BlackPearl® and Spectra Stack Tape

In addition to being the perfect solution for traditional storage, Spectra Stack is also fully integrated with Spectra’s BlackPearl Converged Storage System, meaning it can easily become part of an object storage solution. One of the only object storage tape solutions on the market, the combination of Spectra Stack and BlackPearl assures that this solution will continue to grow with business demands. It’s the perfect offload of Tier 1 storage as well as being a backup or offload for cloud environments. The LTFS tape format ensures that data is easily interchangeable with other systems – eliminating vendor lock in.

  • Reliability: Spectra Stack is rated ab 3 million MCBF
  • Low Power Consumption: 100 – 240 v AC, 50/60 Hz
  • Dimensions: EIA standard 19-inch NEMA rack
  • LTO Drive Connectivity: Half-height drives support Fibre and SAS | Full-height drives support Fibre

SpectraGuard Support

Support for Spectra Stack ranges from our standard worldwide next-business-day replacement to more advanced alternatives, including same day, four-hour onsite service. Spectra’s exclusive optional Assisted Self Maintenance (ASM) kits are available to users who desire onsite, user replaceable, spare parts including – tape drives, power supplies, library controller module, and tape robot.

Our expertise comes from nearly 40 years of solving real problems with hands-on lab work and onsite technical support.

  • Stack Specification
  • drive model
  • drive interfaces Full Height
  • drive interfaces Half Height
  • number of drives supported (Full Height)
  • tape slots
  • max. capacity LTO-6 native/compr.
  • max. capacity LTO-7 native/compr.
  • max. capacity LTO-8 native/compr.
  • max. native data rate – LTO-6 (Half Height)
  • max. native data rate – LTO-7 (Half Height)
  • max. native data rate – LTO-8 (Half Height)
  • max. native data rate – LTO-6 (Full Height)
  • max. native data rate – LTO-7 (Full Height)
  • max. native data rate – LTO-8 Fulll Height)
  • max. comp. Data rate – LTO-6 (Half Height)
  • max. comp. Data rate – LTO-7 (Half Height)
  • max. comp. Data rate – LTO-8 (Half Height)
  • max. comp. Data rate – LTO-6 (Full Height)
  • max. comp. Data rate – LTO-7 (Full Height)
  • max. comp. Data rate – LTO-8 (Full Height)

  • Base Module
  • LTO-6, 7 or 8
  • FC
  • SAS or FC
  • 1 – 42 (1 – 21)
  • 80 – 560
  • 200 TB/3,5 PB
  • 480 TB/8,4 PB
  • 960 TB/16,8 PB
  • 3,46 TB/hr. – 24,19 TB/hr.
  • 6,48 TB/hr. – 45,36 TB/hr.
  • 6,48 TB/hr. – 45,36 TB/hr.
  • 1,73 TB/hr. – 12,10 TB/hr.
  • 3,24 TB/hr. – 22,68 TB/hr.
  • 3,89 TB/hr. – 27,22 TB/hr.
  • 8,64 TB/hr. – 60,48 TB/hr.
  • 15,12 TB/hr. – 105,84 TB/hr.
  • 15,12 TB/hr. – 105,84 TB/hr.
  • 4,32 TB/hr. – 30,24 TB/hr.
  • 8,10 TB/hr. – 56,70 TB/hr.
  • 8,10 TB/hr. – 56,70 TB/hr.
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