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Copying/restoring data

Time and again, it becomes necessary to transfer large quantities of data from an older system onto a new one. This may be to ensure compatibility for the long term or to make use of the often significant benefits offered by a new system.

But these laborious transfer activities cost companies a lot of time, often disturb the running of their business and, last but not least, tie up staff who could be working more effectively elsewhere.
All this can be prevented with our data migration service.

Secure archiving alone can present a big problem, especially if you want to transfer data from a wide range of storage media, and from different data structures and formats, onto a new backup system.

To avoid just this kind of problem, we offer our data conversion service: We read data, transfer it from one platform to another, convert, structure and edit it in such a way that it can ultimately be archived on a single platform. This gives you the fastest possible access to all data at any time.

Mechanical damage, moisture, smoke and any number of other disasters can lead to the total loss of data.
In cases like this, our highly qualified service team can rescue your data. The rescued data is copied onto new data storage devices so that it can be accessed easily once again.

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