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Data Storage / Disaster recovery

Offsite tape vaulting and archiving

OpenStorage AG offers you the possibility to store safety copies (disaster recovery) in an ISO 27001:2013 certified remote IT-shelter under strictest security conditions. This offers reliable protection against environmental disaster and sabotage. Upon request we check and analyse your data media thoroughly at regular intervals. In the highly unlikely case our health check discovers that your data is at risk, we will offer you suitable solutions to safeguard your information.

Another possibility we are offering is to store your archive data in an open and neutral format in a highly secure computing centre disconnected from the internet (air gap). We harmonize your data in an open and neutral format. All back-up formats can be processed including API structures and according to requirements. As a result costly conversions or migrations and periodic data security checks will be a actions of the past! Your data can be made available at any time regardless of storage medium, back-up software version or format, or it can be delivered via a secure FTP server.

This all results not only in significant cost reduction but a legally compliant, flexible, long-term solution geared for the future. All archive data is/are displayed on a clearly organised web portal; where the archive data can be consolidated and data recall processes initiated.

Restoration of program and system environments

Additionally, upon request, entire program and system environments can be requested as a special service. In this case our specialists will be glad to advise and assist you in reintegrating the archive data in your company.

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