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Fire Safety & Burglary Protection

S - Perfect Fire Safety

Certified Fire Safety (S 120 DIS EN 1047-I)

  • The novel combination of insulating materials provides the highest resistance in the event of a disaster. A four-sided rotating labyrinth-body groove provides additional protection against direct flame strike into the interior of the safe. The compact design maximizes the capacity and reduces the weight of the safe by 40% to 60%. Ideal for use in rooms with limited load-bearing capacity. This data safe is reliable protection against fire, corrosive fumes and fire water effects.

Better security means lower insurance premiums.
Insurance companies reward the purchase of data safes with significantly reduced rates.

SE - Double Safety

Certified Fire Safety (S 120 DIS EN 1047-I)
and certified burglary protection (resistance level II)

  • The intelligent design, this safe-generation covers equally from the risk factors burglary and fire. In this combination safe highest civil protection and excellent burglary protection are placed on the highest common denominator.

Instantaneous locking in the event of danger.
Thanks to the standard quick-release lock, gently closing the safe door locks it immediately.

  • Both safes are equipped with quick release and double-bit lock (DSS) equipped with 8 tumblers and 2 keys as standard.

Other lock types are available on request.

Data Media Safes

- Specifications
- Accessories

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