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As of July 2011, a digital signature is no longer required

Thanks to new regulations regarding electronic invoicing, as of July 2011 a digital signature is no longer required. We have been sending our e-invoices without signatures since 21.08.2012.

Jörg Kreusel will be happy to answer any questions you may have on this. Tel: +49 (0) 6134 25722-13

As of August 2010, you will receive your invoice from us digitally

What are the advantages for us?
We save time and money, and do our bit to protect the environment.
Time that we can use to look after our customers even more intensively.
Money that we can pass on to you in the form of improved conditions and other campaigns.
Protecting the environment remains an important and current issue.

But much more importantly, what are the advantages for you?
The PDF sent to you via e-mail contains a readable representation of the content of the invoice and the checking protocol, as well as a multi-dimensional barcode. This barcode contains the electronic signature and the information in the invoice, and is the actual electronic receipt. It serves as a full replacement for the paper invoice and therefore has unlimited entitlement to deduct pre-tax.

Why is the “checked” status so important?
Many other suppliers only send their e-invoices with a qualified electronic signature. This means that you must check the integrity and origin of this signature in accordance with statutory provisions. This usually means that every invoice has to be subjected to a manual processing step using specially installed software or a checking service.

With our solution, the signature has already been checked. Our service provider First Businesspost adds the qualified signature to our order and then, as a special service for you, checks the signature and creates a signature check protocol. Through this qualified signature and subsequent signature check, we meet all the current statutory obligations for an invoice issuer, in order to prepare the subsequent deduction of pre-tax for you.

Of course, you can also check the e-invoice again yourself, but this is no longer obligatory.

You can archive the PDFs you receive in electronic form as a file, or as hard copies. If it is necessary to check the signature (e.g. as part of a tax audit), it can be checked again at any time. To do this, either the PDF file or the scanned barcode page is converted into an XML file with the invoice data and a new signature check protocol. Our service provider offers you this service free of charge. Please use the following URL:

Then click on CMS Server in the menu.

Invoices sent via e-mail usually reach the correct recipient directly, making it possible to check the invoice more quickly. Invoices reach the accounting department more quickly and early payment discounts can be taken advantage of.
Of course, this time saving also results in a cost saving. As we all know: time is money.

And you are doing your bit for the environment too. By doing without paper invoices, you are helping us to save valuable resources and reduce the CO2 emissions that would have been created if the invoice was delivered in a post van.

Mr Kreusel will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding this. Tel. +49 (0) 6134 25722-13

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