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LTO Program Technology Provider Companies (TPCs) released LTO-8 Specification

LTO Program Technology Provider Companies released additional information regarding the use of LTO-7 Type M media.

  • The LTO-8 has a native capacity of 12 TB and compressed 30 TB, ideal for long term retention of data. The transfer rate is 360 MB/s native and 900 MB/s compressed. One LTO-8 drive can transfer up to 3,2 TB per hour.
  • For the first time since the LTO format was introduced the LTO-8 specification is only backwards compatible with the former generation LTO-7. The new LTO-8 drives cannot read (and write) LTO-6 BaFe and LTO-6 MP media.
  • On the other side the LTO-8 drive is able to initialize LTO-7 media to an increased cartridge capacity of 9 TB native and 22,5 TB compressed instead of 6 TB and 15 TB in a LTO-7 drive. This cartridge is called LTO-7 type M media. This LTO-7 type M cartridge offers a price advantage of 33% per GB/TB compared to a LTO-7 used in a LTO-7 drive.
  • Who is responsible for ensuring that LTO-7 “L7” labelled media and LTO-7 Type M, “M8” labelled media have been initialized correctly?
    Compatible LTO-8 tape libraries will only initialize LTO-7 brand new cartridges as LTO-7 Type M media if the barcode label “M8” has been applied to the cartridge. Ultimately, it is the end-user responsibility to ensure
    tape library compatibility and to label cartridges correctly.
  • Will LTO-9 tape drives be backward compatible with LTO-7 Type M media?
    Only LT0-8 Drives will be capable of reading LTO-7 initialized LTO-7 Type M media. If backward read in LTO-9 drives is required LTO-8 media should be used instead.
  • Do all LTO-8 standalone tape drive products support previously initialized LTO-7 Type M media?
    Yes. However, LTO-8 standalone tape drive products will typically initialize new, un-initialized LTO 7 media as LTO 7 media regardless of the barcode label that is applied. Please consult your product documentation. For LTO-8 tape library products it depends on the LTO-8 tape library vendor.
  • Is data compression, encryption and partitioning enabling LTFS supported by LTO-7 Type M Media?
    LTO-7 initialized LTO-7 Type M media will support existing LTO format features.
    LTO-7 Type M media will not be supported on WORM cartridges.

Note: Compressed capacities for generations 1 – 5 assume 2:1 compression.
Compressed capacities for generations 6 – 10 assume 2.5:1 compression (achieved with larger compresssion history buffer).
Source: The LTO Program, The LTO Ultrium roadmap is subject to change without notice and represents goals and objectives only.
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